Calvin Recipe

Calvin’s Recipes (fast and easy)

  • Beef Stew

    Ingredients: Stew meat, salt and pepper, onions, potatoes, carrots and Calvin and Cleo’s Bloody Mary Mix. Either one.

    Rub meat with salt and paper, cut into bite size pieces.
    Cut veggies into bite size pieces.
    Place all into crockpot.
    Add Calvin and Cleo’s to cover.
    Cook 3-5 hours.
    Thicken with flour as desired.

  • Bloody Mary

    Ingredients: Ice, vodka, Calvin and Cleo’s Bloody Mary Mix and something green to garnish.

    Place ice in a large glass.
    Fill 1/3 with Vodka.
    Fill to full with Calvin and Cleo’s.
    Garnish with a pickle or Celery.

  • Easy Ribs

    Ingredients: Your favorite ribs, salt and pepper, Calvin and Cleo’s Bloody Mary Mix

    Rub Ribs with salt and pepper.
    Place on tinfoil.
    Cover both sides with Calvin and Cleo’s and pour on some extra.
    Completely wrap Ribs with tinfoil.
    Grill with indirect heat at 200 for an hour to an hour and one half.